We produce small and medium series:

Satellite pins epicyclic steel, complete with heat treatments, with one or more diameters. With tolerance h5 class, roughness Ra 0,2 and roundness of less than 5 microns.

Pins and steel shafts of various shapes and sizes, machined, drilled, milled and ground kits of thermal and / or surface treatments.

Precision locknuts steel of various shapes and sizes, 4H tolerance class.

Rings. pipes, flanges and mechanical varies steel, cast iron, brass and allumio with diameter up to 1000 mm, turned, milled, drilled and completed with thermal and / or surface treatments.

Collaboration with suppliers certified both in the purchase of raw materials in processing outsourced and the systematic execution of internal controls allows us to provide our customers with products of high quality and reliability.




Mechanical custom work, turning, milling and grinding

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